Ivecop DT 3 mg

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Ivecop DT 3 mg is an antiparasitic oral taken as a pill that will assist you in reducing different parasite infections. The main ingredient in the pills is called Ivermectin. It can stop the development of harmful parasites and, in turn, eliminate them, bringing relief to the patient.

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What Is Ivecop DT 3 Mg?

Ivecop DT 3 mg is an antiparasitic tablet consumed in a pill that can aid in reducing different parasite infections. The chemical in the pills is called Ivermectin. It can stop the development of harmful parasites and, in turn, eliminate them, bringing relief to the patient.

Based on the nature and severity of the disease, the treatment may last for a couple of days or perhaps months. Generic Ivermectin can be a prescription medication and the Ivecop drug 3 mg DT.

About Ivecop DT 3mg

Ivecop 3mg DT is a medicine that kills parasites that you can consume while being afflicted by various parasite infections expansions in the digestive tract, skin, and eyes.

The right dosage is essential to eliminate illnesses. Also, remember that taking too much could cause unwanted side effects. Therefore, do not take an excessive quantity of generic Ivermectin.

If you experience a feeling of unwellness after the first few doses, talk to your doctor and discuss your experiences in the event that you’ve experienced any adverse side negative effects.

Manufacturer of Ivecop DT 3mg

Menarini Company is a complete drug supplier. It is not just a manufacturer of various drugs such as Ivecop 3mg DT but also provides the entire value chain for commercialization, starting with the development of a therapeutic drug until obtaining regulatory approval for the product’s lifecycle management.

It offers a wide range of medicines to treat different diseases and works with a variety of other brands to conduct research and develop of new drugs.

Strength and Dosage of Ivecop DT 3 Mg

You can tell by the name of the dosage, it can be described as an Ivecop DT 3 mg that it comes with an equivalent dosage that is 3 milligrams of the generic Ivermectin. The dose of 3 mg is the highest dose that can be taken in the brand. There are smaller doses as well, such as the dose of 1 mg and the dose of 2 mg.

It is vital to see your doctor regularly to determine which Ivermectin generic dosage is most appropriate for you. Also, make sure to avoid any potential negative side effects and contraindications.

Utilization of Ivecop 3 mg of DT having salt Ivermectin

Ivecop DT 3mg is one of the drugs that belong to the anthelmintics class of pills. It is a remedy for various parasitic infections, such as onchocerciasis, intestinal weakyloidiasis filarial worm infections like microfilaremia, and lymphatic filariasis, the head lice. It also treats helminthiasis such as roundworms due to ascariasis whipworm-related trichuriasis, and Enterobiasis due to Pinworm.

Be aware that the medication is intended to treat particular groups of parasites. Check with your doctor’s advice for the use of pills prior to using them in blind faith even if you already have them in your home.

How do you use Ivecop DT 3 mg?

In general, the use of the medication is carried out every day, with one dose per day. In the case of more serious cases of parasitic infections, the doctor may request that you take your pills taken in a dosage that is split into two day’s dosage. This usually involves two doses: a morning and an evening dose.

The usual practice is advised to take the pills when you are hungry and to avoid taking them prior to meals. Be sure to adhere to the exact timings when taking the dose, and make sure the doses you take are consumed at the right appropriate time.

How do Ivecop DT3 Mg functions

Ivecop DT 3 mg dose Ivecop DT 3 mg dose of pills is designed to fight off the parasites that cause harm and kill them, bringing relief to the patient. The chemical that is present in the dosages that Ivecop DT 3mg, Ivermectin tends to attach to muscle and the nerve cells in the body, killing them.

Usually, the Ivermectin substance causes their paralysis, be aware of their nefarious and rapid expansion to different body parts, and assist in the process of metabolism of the parasite that causes disease. Incapable of executing the metabolism process normally or reproducing, they are eventually killed.


In this article, we’re talking about the dose Ivecop DT 3 Mg, but you can find other dosages that are available under this brand name as well. Be aware of this: the Ivecop DT 3 mg is considered to be the strongest dose available under the brand name of the manufacturer.

There are other doses that are less powerful too, like Ivecop 12. Ivecop 12 and Ivecop 6. It is important to choose the dose that is appropriate for you, based on the severity of your parasitic infection.

Other Dosage

Ivecop 6 mg

Ivecop 12 mg

How long does Ivecop 3 mg DT 3 will be maintained

The treatment term will be determined by three aspects are

On is a kind of parasitic infection.

The other factor is the severity of the parasite infection.

The third aspect is how you’re able to take the dosages of Ivermectin generic

The dose Ivecop missed was 3 mg DT

Not taking your regular dose isn’t the best alternative. If you do this, it increases the chance of being afflicted with severe infections. It is essential to maintain an adequate amount of Ivermectin generic in your body, to combat the growth of parasites and eliminate them.

However, if you are suddenly absent of a dose, it causes the dosage to be ineffective levels of Ivermectin generic to decrease from the intended levels and it is likely to increase the severity of the duration of your treatment.

Ivecop DT 3 mg Contradiction

Ivermectin has found that contraindications are present in alcohol and caffeine. To find out which substances might have contraindicating tendencies, take every pill you take to your doctor.

Do not take Ivecop 3 Mg DT

The majority of the time, doctors will prohibit you from taking Ivecop DT3mg if you have an allergy to the generic Ivermectin, or in the event that you are taking any drug that is contraindicated.

Side effect

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Joint pain, synovitis
  • Axillary lymph, Inguinal or cervical lymph node swelling and tenderness
  • Itching
  • Edema peripheral and facial edema
  • Frank, pustular or papular the urticarial eruption
  • Fever
  • The corneal limbus is inflamed.
  • A heart rate that is fast
  • Blood pressure is low after standing up from a sitting or lying down (orthostatic hypotension)

Precaution & Warning

The precautions are to avoid alcohol and caffeine with the Ivermectin treatment and to follow the dosage guidelines regarding the frequency and quantity of dosage.


What exactly is Ivecop the DT 3 mg Tablet being to be used to do?

The Ivecop the 3 mg serves to manage parasitic diseases such as intestinal strongyloidiasis (infection in the intestine caused by a kind of roundworm, called Strongyloides stercoralis) the infections that are caused by Wuchereria bancrofti found in tissues and blood, and also human scabies (infectious skin disease) after treatment previously been unsuccessful. It can also be used in treating Onchocerciasis (known as river blindness, a parasitic disease due to Onchocerca volvulus).

Can Ivecop’s DT 3 mg Tablet be used by children?

The efficacy and safety of Ivecop DT 3 mg Tablet for children with a weight of less than 15kg is not yet evaluated. The doctor of your child may recommend an alternative that is safer to treat the particular disease.

What are the precautions I have to take when taking Ivecop DT 3 mg Tablet?

Before taking Ivecop DT 3 mg Tablet, tell your physician if you suffer from an eye condition known as loa (eye infection) or have an insufficient immune system, or have an allergic reaction to other medicines or other substances, like foods or preservatives, dyes, or even dyes.



Generic Name




Salt Composition

Ivermectin (3mg)


Menarini India Pvt Ltd


2 tablets in 1 strip

Pharmaceutical Form


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10 Tablet, 20 Tablet, 40 Tablet, 80 Tablet

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