Sildigra Soft 100 mg (Sildenafil Chewable)

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Sildigra Soft 100 mg (Sildenafil Chewable) Tablet is used to treat male sexual function problems (impotence or erectile dysfunction) by blocking a certain enzyme (phosphodiesterase-PDE5) in the body. Sildenafil Citrate, when combined with sexual stimulation works by helping to maintain and achieve an erection.

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Description for Sildigra soft 100 mg

Silagra Soft 100 mg pills are a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor. They relax and dilate blood vessels. It increases blood flow in certain areas of the figure.

This medication is also used to treat erectile disorders in men. This medication eventually improves exercising ability in both men and women. Your doctor can give it orally or inject it into your body.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that Sildigra 100mg Tablets are used. It can be used to treat erection problems (gaining and maintaining sex) and other sexual issues. Sildigra Soft aids men to resume normal sexual performance and prolongs sexual activity. It contains the same ingredient that its branded counterparts on the market.

What’s Sildigra Soft 100 mg?

Sildigra Soft 100 mg Tablets are only seasoned and have an incredibly refreshing, sweet, and minty taste. It uses great concentrates and comes in a pack of 10 tablets. They are easy to find and affordable, making them the most popular choice. Our Sildenafil Chewable Tablets are known for their longer erections and better results.

How do I take Sildenafil Soft Chewable Tablet?

Sildenafil Soft Chewable Tablets should be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity. However, it shouldn’t be taken more than four hours prior.

The best time is one hour. Take Silagra Soft 100mg chewable tablet (Sildenafil). High-fat foods can cause Sildenafil Soft Chewable tablets to become irritable.

Anyone who has ever had a stroke or heart attack, high blood pressure or any other life-threatening condition should not take Sildenafil Soft chewable Tablet.

It is not effective at preventing sexually transmitted disease such as HIV, Hepatitis B, or gonorrhea. People with multiple myeloma, sickle cell, and leukemia should not take this drug.

Seek medical advice for genital deformities such as Peyronie’s and bleeding disorders like peptic ulcers and retinitis pigmentosa.

What do Sildigra Soft 100 mg pills do?

Sildigra contains a Phosphodiesterase Type-5 inhibitor that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in adults. Erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by the compression of veins. A smaller amount of blood is pumped to the contraceptive portion for males. It relaxes veins and promotes blood flow. It increases the circulation in the penis and promotes erection.

Silagra 100mg Dosage

Missed Dose

As soon as possible, take the missed dose. If it is almost time for the next scheduled dose, you can skip it. This is true for conditions such as Pulmonary Hypertension, where the shot schedule is very fast.


If you suspect that an overdose has occurred, immediately contact a urologist. If the overdose is severe, you may need immediate medical attention.

Other Dose

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What are Sildigra Soft 100 mg’s benefits?

  • Sildigra Soft 100 mg pills for men are an effective, regular treatment for ED/PAH.
  • It is a quick activity that restores male strength through the arousal of life.
  • It regulates blood supply to the pelvic area and gives excitement for exotic movements.
  • The medication restores the body’s normal capacity to produce a typical response for erotic passion.
  • The medication is easily retained in the circulation system and provides compelling results for more than 5 hours.

What’s the purpose of Sildigra Soft 100 mg?

The following conditions are the main uses of Sildigra Soft 100 mg:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hypertension in the pulmonary arterial pulmonary system

Sildigra Soft 100 mg Tablets can treat desolateness and improve the ability to exercise in people with hypertension. This tablet also improves the vasodilatory effects of nitric oxygen on the private parts, thereby supporting an erection.

Side affects Sildigra Soft chewable Tablet

Sildenafil Soft Chewable tablets are very effective in treating erectile problems. There are side effects.

These symptoms include nausea, stomach upsets, diarrhea, and flu-like signs. Before purchasing any impotence medication, it is highly recommended you consult your doctor. Your doctor will determine if synthetic drugs would be the best choice for you.

  • The sensation of burning
  • Indigestion
  • Vision is changing
  • Urination discomforts
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Vision loss
  • Anxiety
  • Bleeding in the eyes
  • Pain in the chest or bone
  • Cold sweat
  • Convulsions
  • Cool, pale skin


Sildigra Soft 100 mg can only be used by men. If you have an allergy to Sildenafil citrate or any inactive expedients of this medicine, avoid taking the medication. Avoid using medicine with nitrates and other ED medicines. If you have a bleeding disorder, heart problem, kidney disease, or liver problem, avoid taking medicine. Avoid storing medicine in hot and humid areas. It will not protect you from the transmission of disease. Grapefruit drinks should not be consumed with medication.

Sildigra 100mg storage

  • Avoid children’s reach and vision.
  • To protect against moisture, store it in the original packaging


What’s sildenafil 100mg good at?

Sildenafil is used for treating men with erectile dysfunction (also known as sexual impotence). Sildenafil is part of a class of medicines called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5).

What is the average time it takes for sildenafil to kick in?

This medication usually works within 30 min. of being taken. Although it can continue to work for as long as 4 hours, its effect usually decreases after 2 hours. Only use the medicine your doctor has prescribed.

How long does 100mg of sildenafil stay in your system?

You can expect to feel the effects of 100mg of Viagra for 4 hours after you have taken the drug. These effects are less strong after 4 hours than they are 2 hours after taking Viagra.



Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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Chewable Tablets

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100 Tablet, 150 Tablet, 200 Tablet, 300 Tablet

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